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SLUCare Limb Swelling Clinic

Offering Diagnosis and Treatment of Swelling in the Legs

Unexplained leg swelling may be a sign of a larger medical problem. Swollen limbs can indicate issues with the heart, kidneys, veins or lymphatic system. It could even signal a blood clot.

Don't wait to have unexplained swelling checked by a specialist. In the SLUCare Limb Swelling Clinic, we will evaluate your condition and order any necessary tests to determine the root cause of the swelling. Then we'll treat your condition using the latest medical innovations and minimally invasive techniques.

Finding the Cause

Venous diseases affect blood flow through the veins and may cause swelling, particularly in the lower body. If your condition is suspected to be a venous disease, you will be seen by vascular surgeon Dr. Matt Smeds or Dr. Michael Williams.

SLUCare vascular surgeons treat swelling due to:

If your swelling is believed to be related to an underlying medical condition, such as heart disease or kidney disease, you will be treated by internist Dr. Paul Kunnath. If your swelling is related to lymphedema, your condition will be managed by a specialist with SLUCare Plastic Surgery.

A Team Approach to Treatment

When you partner with one of our doctors to treat your limb swelling, we will work in tandem with your other health care providers — your primary care physician, cardiologist or nephrologist, for example — to assure your condition is well managed at every level.

In our clinic, you will work not only with our physicians, but also with clinical nurse specialist Karen Gregory, who has more than 15 years’ experience in vascular and plastic surgery. You may see Karen for your initial evaluation, as well as for follow-up care, fittings for compression garments, or learning to use a mechanical pump to control the swelling in your limb.

Our purpose is to provide coordinated care from specialists who make managing your disease as easy and efficient as possible.

For an appointment in the SLUCare Swelling Clinic, call 314-617-3030 or schedule online below.

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SLUCare Swelling Clinic Location

University Tower
1034 S. Brentwood Blvd., Suite 550
St. Louis, MO 63117
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Many venous procedures can be done in the suite at University Tower. Surgeries are performed at SSM Health Saint Louis University Hospital.