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Wound Care

Offering Advanced Treatment for Ulcers and Other Hard-to-Treat Wounds

Age, diminished mobility, diabetes and other health problems can put you at higher risk for painful wounds that don't heal easily.

SLUCare plastic surgeons offer the newest treatment options to help stabilize hard-to-treat wounds and promote lasting healing. Our specialists work with primary care physicians, vascular surgeons, endocrinologists, neurologists and orthopedic surgeons to develop a care plan that addresses the patient's immediate and long-term medical needs.

SLUCare plastic surgeons treat:

  • Non-healing and poorly healing wounds
  • Leg ulcers
  • Pressure ulcers, as part of a complete care strategy
  • Arterial ulcers, caused by blockage of the blood vessels
  • Diabetic ulcers, along with medical management of the underlying disease
  • Venous stasis ulcers related to vein problems or blood clots in the legs
  • Radiation wounds that develop as a result of cancer treatment

Wound care treatment may include:

  • Extracellular matrix therapy to aid tissue regeneration
  • Skin flap surgery
  • Wound care and vein management
  • Release of pressure to the nerve of the foot (similar to carpal tunnel release) to restore feeling in diabetic patients
  • Microsurgical techniques to connect tiny vessels in the body, to re-establish circulation or to enable complex nerve reconstruction
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