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General Plastic Surgery

People see plastic surgeons for a variety of everyday conditions that affect the skin – to lessen the appearance of scars, for example. SLUCare plastic surgeons assist not only with these more routine procedures, but also with complex cases that may require extensive reconstruction.

SLUCare Plastic Surgery Treatments

Scar Revision and Correction

We use the latest surgical procedures to improve the appearance of scars and the limitations they impose. Scars treated include:

  • Widened, inflamed scars (hypertrophic scars)
  • Keloid scars
  • Burn scars
  • Traumatic injury scars

We work closely with other specialists throughout SLUCare to provide the best outcomes for patients.

Skin Cancers
While basal cell cancer is the most common skin cancer, squamous cell cancer, malignant melanoma and other more unusual cancers of the skin glands can be challenging problems. We work closely with SLUCare dermatologists to optimize care, ensure the cancer has been completely removed, and achieve optimal healing after surgery. Through follow-up care, our team keeps an eye out for new cancers and treats them quickly to minimize further difficulties.
Skin Tumors
There are many growths that develop under the skin which can be worrisome and need treatment – from a simple fatty tumor (lipoma), skin cyst (keratinous cyst), or a neurofibroma, to more complicated malignant growths such as a sarcoma. SLUCare plastic surgeons coordinate care for optimal management of the growth.
Burn Reconstruction
Appearances aside, a healed burn scar can also be troubling due to pain and limited joint mobility. Topical skin care, compressive garments and revisional scar surgery all help improve burn healing. Newer regenerative products may also be used to minimize scarring from burns.
Facial Trauma and Scalp Wounds
Injuries to the head and face can be particularly concerning since they may have a lasting effect on an individual's appearance. SLUCare plastic surgeons use the latest reconstructive and restorative techniques to repair facial injuries and scalp wounds to minimize scarring and return the affected area to as normal an appearance as possible.
Complex Hernia Reconstruction
Hernias are a common problem and can generally be treated with good results. SLUCare plastic surgeons work closely with SLUCare general surgeons to repair hernias by rearranging the abdominal muscles in a technique referred to as component separation. We then use biologic mesh to boost the body's ability to reform the abdomen and promote regenerative healing.
Complex Wound Closure
In many ways, a plastic surgeon is a surgeon's surgeon – called upon to help close a wound or treat a complex problem faced by another surgeon. Our plastic surgeons use advanced techniques, such as microsurgery through high-powered microscopes, allowing connection of the tiniest vessels in the body to re-establish circulation or to enable complex nerve reconstruction. By focusing on new, innovative ways to heal the body or rearrange the tissues of the body, the plastic surgeon adds value to the entire treatment team.