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SLUCare Virtual Visits

Connect with a SLUCare Provider via Phone, Tablet or Computer, Instead of an Office Visit

SLUCare Physician Group is committed to helping you manage your health, and now we're offering a new tool to do just that. Virtual visits allow you to have a one-on-one conversation with a SLUCare provider via private video conference or by telephone. It's a doctor visit without the doctor's office!

Virtual visits are available for established and new SLUCare patients who meet certain

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clinical criteria and geographic guidelines. Virtual visits with video conferencing, also known as telemedicine, require an active MyChart account. For help setting up a free MyChart account, call 314-977-4440

Before your virtual visit, please read: Virtual Visits Terms and Conditions. This takes the place of forms you would normally sign at registration. A member of our staff will contact you to go over this information and obtain your consent prior to your appointment. 

Virtual Visits: FAQs

Do I need a computer, tablet or smartphone for a virtual visit?

Ideally, a virtual visit would include a private video conference between you and your health care provider. However, if you do not have a computer, tablet or smartphone, we can schedule a telephone appointment for you to privately discuss your health concerns with your provider.

What's needed for a virtual visit with video conferencing?

In addition to having an active MyChart account, video conferencing visits require a computer, smartphone or tablet, equipped with a camera, microphone and internet access.

If you plan to use a smartphone or tablet for your virtual visit, you will need to install the Zoom app, available as a free download through Apple’s App Store or the Google Play store. (This step is not required if you are using a laptop or desktop computer.)

Zoom is a health information (HIPAA) compliant video conferencing system that allows you to have safe and secure conversations with a medical care provider. 

We recommend downloading the app at least one day before your virtual visit.

Download Zoom from Apple's App Store

Download Zoom from Google Play

How do I start a virtual visit with video?
  • First, choose a private location that is quiet and free from distraction.
  • If you are using a smartphone, make sure you are connected to Wi-Fi to avoid additional charges from your wireless carrier.
  • Log into your MyChart account at least 20 minutes before your appointment.
  • Click on the Visits icon in the top menu bar and open Appointments and Visits.
  • In the Appointment Details box, click on "Begin Video Visit" to enter the virtual waiting room.
  • Check your microphone and speakers to make sure they are not muted, so you and your provider can speak to each other. You may need to hover your mouse over the screen on your computer or tap the screen on your phone to get this toolbar to appear.
  • Check the toolbar at the bottom of the screen to make sure your video stream has started. 
  • Before you see your provider, you'll be greeted by a nurse or medical assistant who will take notes about the reason for your visit — just as if you had come into the office. After that, your visit with your provider will begin.
  • At the beginning of your appointment, your provider may ask for an alternate contact number to reach you, in case you have trouble getting started or if you get disconnected during your appointment.
How long is a virtual visit?

The length of visit will vary based on the type of visit. Your provider will take the necessary time to discuss your condition with you, just as they would with an in-office visit.

Can my provider prescribe medication through a virtual visit?

The prescribing process for virtual visits is the same as for in-person visits. Your provider will contact your pharmacy to order any necessary medications. For renewing prescription medicines, please reach out to your pharmacy.

Do I need anything else for my virtual visit?

You may want to have a list of your medications handy, as well as the phone number for your pharmacy — especially if any of this information has changed since your last visit.

What is the cost of a virtual visit?

Your virtual visit will be billed to your insurance just as an in-person visit would be. SLUCare will bill you for your copay following your appointment. You will not  be asked to pay over the phone or through the Zoom app.

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We are excited to offer you this new way of connecting. But don't forget: You can still reach out to your provider's office anytime through MyChart to request a prescription refill, ask a question, see your test results, keep your screenings on track and more.

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