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Medical Records and Requests for Information

SLUCare Physician Group now offers patients a free, simple way to streamline medical records access through your electronic health record.

Health information exchange gives doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other health care providers access to your full medical record, including your medical history, the names and doses of any medications you take, test results and more. This helps providers make better informed treatment decisions, alleviates the burden of requesting medical records, and travels with you should you have an accident or medical emergency away from home.

To sign up, complete a simple form at the registration desk the next time you visit a SLUCare physician.

Are you a veteran?  SLUCare and the Veterans Administration (VA) can better coordinate your medical care through the Veterans Health Information Exchange (VHIE), also known as the Virtual Lifetime Electronic Record (VLER) program.* The program allows records to be shared over a secure connection by your SLUCare and VA doctors. No lugging paperwork from one office to another or waiting for records to be faxed. It's a seamless, streamlined way to manage your health.

Learn more and find out how to enroll in VLER

Request Records Through SLUCare Health Information Management

Even if you choose not to participate in health information exchange, you can still manage the release of your medical records through SLUCare Health Information Management.

This office can assist with obtaining records from outside facilities, releasing information to a third party or releasing information directly to the patient. Below are printable forms that can be completed and mailed to the correspondence department to help minimize the processing time.

Request to Obtain Patient Information (for SLUCare to receive records from another facility)
Request to Release Information (for SLUCare to send records to another facility or to you personally)

Processing fee and per-page fees apply. For current rates, call 314-617-2869 or email us at  
Please do not include any secure (protected) patient-related information in your email.

To check the status of a request already submitted, contact SLUCare Health Information at 314-617-2869 .

To change information in your medical record, complete a patient amendment form and mail to:

SLUCare Health Information Management
3691 Rutger St., Suite 101
St. Louis, MO 63110

To report a HIPAA violation, please complete a complaint form and mail to:

SLUCare Health Information Management
3691 Rutger St., Suite 101
St. Louis, MO 63110
*Legal Disclaimer: This does not constitute an endorsement of SLUCare or SLUCare products by the Department of Veteran Affairs. The sharing of health information between VA and SLUCare is only for veterans enrolled in the VA health care system who have provided written authorization. Family members and TRICARE members are not eligible for this program.