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SLUCare Sinus Institute

The SLUCare Sinus Institute treats a wide range of sinus problems, including nasal blockage, allergies, deviated septums, recurrent sinus infections, nasal polyps, and tumors affecting the nose, sinuses and skull base.

 During your evaluation, tiny telescopes are guided into the nasal and sinus passages to accurately diagnose the root cause of many common sinus problems. This painless procedure does not require any sedation or anesthesia, but is a powerful tool used to identify the correct diagnosis of common and not-so-common sinus problems.

If surgery is needed, we use technology that includes computer navigation systems to assist us in performing the safest and most effective procedures possible.

SLUCare surgeons are renowned nationally and internationally as experts in endoscopic surgery of the sinuses and skull base. By approaching complicated problems endoscopically (through the nose) and using highly specialized techniques, we offer patients under our care far less trauma and shorter healing times.

This type of surgery is minimally invasive, with most patients going home just a few hours after the procedure. There are no cuts, bruises or black eyes, and no nasal packing is needed for the large majority of cases.

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SLUCare Sinus Institute Locations

Center for Specialized Medicine
1225 South Grand
St. Louis, MO 63104
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SLUCare Otolaryngology West County
555 N. New Ballas Road, Suite 260
St. Louis, MO 63141
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