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Otolaryngic Allergy

Specializing in Diagnosis and Treatment of Inhalant Allergies in Children and Adults

When the season has you sneezing and your eyes are itchy and red, count on SLUCare ear, nose and throat specialists to diagnose and treat the source of your allergies. Our physicians offer expert care for a variety of irritants, such as pollen, mold and dust.

Testing an allergy patient

Allergy testing takes place in our clinic, with results available in the same visit. Depending on the diagnosis, your allergies may be treated by medications, through desensitization injections or under-the-tongue allergy drops. Our goal is to produce an allergic balance so that you are free of existing allergic illnesses and can avoid new ones. 

Allergy Injection Therapy

To achieve desensitization, allergy injections are given on a weekly basis. Each injection consists of small but increasing amounts of the allergen, so that when you are exposed at the end of your treatment you will have little to no reaction.

The first 12 injections are given in the office. You may then opt to administer injections at home or to continue weekly visits to the clinic. If you elect to have home injections, you and your family members are instructed on administering the injection safely.

Sublingual Allergy Drops

Like allergy injections, allergy drops help to desensitize patients to a variety of allergens, including grasses, tree pollen, ragweed, dust mites and cat dander. The drops are administered under the tongue, replacing the need for injections in certain patients. Treatment over time helps build the body's immune system, making it more resistant to  troubling allergy symptoms. This needle-free therapy makes sublingual drops particularly attractive for young allergy sufferers. 

Our Services

  • Intradermal allergy testing
  • Desensitization injections
  • Sublingual drops
  • Patient education

Our Providers

Jastin Antisdel, MD
Thomas Sanford, MD
Joshua Hentzelman, MD
Joseph Brunworth, MD

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Center for Specialized Medicine
1225 South Grand
St. Louis, MO 63104
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SLUCare Otolaryngology West County
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