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BrainPath Surgery

Neurosurgeon Dr. Jeroen Coppens and team study brain imageAnytime an abnormality is discovered in the brain, there's concern about how removal will impact surrounding brain tissues, which may control speech, vision, movement or other functions. That's especially true for tumors and hemorrhages located deep within the brain.

Today, there's new hope for patients who may have previously been told that their condition was "inoperable" — too risky for surgery. BrainPath technology makes it possible for surgeons to reach deeper parts of the brain through a dime-sized opening and without cutting through brain matter.

First in Missouri

SLUCare neurosurgeon Dr. Jeroen Coppens is the first specialist in Missouri trained in the BrainPath approach. The technology uses imaging and a breakthrough design to ease through the natural folds of the brain, moving tissue aside rather than cutting through it. Once the lesion is removed and the procedure is complete, the brain tissue returns to its previous position.

"This technology opens up more options for patients," says Dr. Coppens. "It's much safer for us to treat patients with deep brain hemorrhages, and those patients see better results. In addition, we're now able to treat metastatic cancers and tumors in sensitive areas — near fibers that control vision, for example."

For more information on BrainPath technology, call SLUCare Neurosurgery at 314-977-4750.

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