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Movement Disorders Center

People of all ages can be affected by movement disorders — medical conditions that produce uncontrolled movements, impacting quality of life and function in daily activities.

Movement disorders are caused by a variety of complex neurological conditions. Understanding and treating those conditions effectively takes a team of experts dedicated to clinical research and the latest advances in care.

At SLUCare, our movement disorders team includes a neurologist, neurosurgeon, neuropsychologist, nurse specialist, speech therapist and social worker. When needed, we draw upon the expertise of other SLUCare providers, such as swallowing specialists, gastroenterologists or genetic counselors.

Through this combined expertise, SLUCare Movement Disorders Center is able to offer a higher level of care for patients with hard-to-control symptoms — individuals who may have difficulty finding treatment elsewhere. Since our movement disorders specialists are actively involved in clinical research, we are able to offer the newest and most advanced treatment options, including botulinum toxin therapy, continuous levodopa infusion therapy, and deep brain stimulation.

SLUCare Movement Disorders Specialists Treat:

Your team will carefully evaluate your condition, explain your diagnosis and discuss your treatment options. We work closely with you and your family to establish strong, trusting relationships, so that you receive the kind of personalized, professional care we would want for ourselves and our own families.  

First Visit: What to Expect

During your first visit to the SLUCare Movement Disorders Center, we'll spend time getting to know you, your symptoms and your health history.

Since many movement disorders are related to genetic conditions, please be prepared to share information about any diseases that run in your family, including family members who've had similar symptoms to those you've experienced, the age at which they first experienced those symptoms, and the age of death of your grandparents, parents, uncles, aunts and first cousins. If a genetic link is revealed, you may be referred for genetic testing and counseling.

As part of your visit, we will observe the problems affecting your movement. We may ask to record video of your movements for a more accurate assessment and for later review.

Once you have a diagnosis, we will discuss the best available therapies with you and your family. Together, we will decide on a personalized treatment plan. We encourage you and your family to take an active role in your care.

For an appointment, call 314-617-2555. 

Movement Disorders Research

As part of an academic medical practice, we are continually working toward a greater understanding of the medical conditions that cause movement disorders, so that we can develop new, more effective methods of diagnosis and treatment. Patients may choose to participate in research studies, which may not only improve quality of life, but can also help make a difference for generations of future patients.

Our research team includes specially trained neurologists, nurses, coordinators and genetic specialists, who work with patients before, during and after a clinical study to assure the best possible care.

If you are interested in participating in a clinical research study, please contact the SLUCare Movement Disorders Center at 314-977-4900.

Movement Disorders Resources

We understand you may have many questions following the diagnosis of a movement disorder. The following websites may be helpful in providing answers about your condition.

Parkinson's Foundation

The Michael J. Fox Foundation

Dystonia Medical Research Foundation

American Parkinson's Disease Association

APDA St. Louis Chapter

Tourette Syndrome Association, Inc.

Our Movement Disorders Specialists

Pratap Chand, MD, Neurology

Momina Soudagar Turkey, MD, Neurology

Lauren Schwarz, PhD, Neuropsychology

Richard Bucholz, MD, Neurosurgery

Michelle Payne, SLP, Otolaryngology

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Contact Us

For an appointment, call 314-617-2555.

If you are interested in a movement disorders clinical research study, call 314-977-4900.