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Pre Surgical Information for SLUCare Patients

  • Expect to be here all day for Mohs surgery. The Mohs surgical procedure can be extensive, requiring multiple stages and complex repair.
  • Please eat breakfast and bring your lunch and beverages with you. Take all your regular medications the day of surgery unless otherwise directed by your physician.
  • Do not stop blood thinning medications unless directed by your surgeon. This includes Warfarin, Coumadin, aspirin, Plavix and Pradaxa.
  • Please bring a list of your medications with you. If you have been prescribed antibiotics prior to surgery, please take them as instructed.
  • You will need a driver if your surgical site is close to your eyes. Your visual field may be obstructed by a dressing, which can make driving unsafe.
  • Wear loose fitting, comfortable clothing. To avoid pulling clothing over your surgical wound, we would prefer you wear a button-down shirt. If surgery will be performed on your face, please do not wear make-up.
  • Bring reading material or other items to help pass the time. Internet access is available.
  • Tylenol can be taken throughout your surgery and postoperative recovery.

If you have questions, contact SLUCare at 314-977-3420 between 8 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.