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Across SLUCare, there are health care professionals dedicated to helping you feel confident in your appearance, whether that's restoring skin's firmness, diminishing blemishes, reshaping curves or surgically correcting persistent trouble spots. Discover the many ways SLUCare providers deliver aesthetic services to enhance your looks and improve your well-being. 

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Spotlight on SLUCare Cosmetic Services

Patient receives laser hair removal procedure on underarm

Refresh & Reveal: Laser Hair Removal

SLUCare esthetician Paige Campbell discusses the benefits of choosing laser hair removal for smoother skin wherever you find unwanted hair, including the face, bikini line, armpits and legs.

Patient receiving SkinPen facial treatment at SLUCare Med-Spa

Skinpen Microneedling: How it Works & Demonstration

SLUCare esthetician Paige Campbell discusses how Skinpen microneedling works to produce glowing, radiant skin, especially for patients with acne scarring or signs of aging.

Dr. Colin Chen administers Botox injection to patient's face

How Botox and Fillers Can Brighten Your Appearance

Dr. Collin Chen says Botox injections and injectable fillers are simple, straightforward facial treatments that can help your skin recapture its youthful freshness.

Dr. Colin Chen Discusses Nose Surgery

Rhinoplasty vs Septoplasty: Better Breathing and Reshaping the Nose

SLUCare Facial Plastic and reconstructive Surgeon Dr. Collin Chen discusses septoplasty and rhinoplasty for fixing breathing and aesthetic issues. View Dr. Chen's profile.
Chin before and after photos

Turning Back the Clock through Cosmetic Facial Surgery

Frustrated by her "double chin," Beth turned to SLUCare facial cosmetic surgeon Dr. Frank Simo for help. That visit revealed a surprise diagnosis.

Excess skin removal at SLUCare

Excess Skin Removal Following Weight Loss

After losing 150 pounds, Becky still struggled to find clothes that fit due to excess skin on her arms. SLUCare plastic surgeon Dr. Sumesh Kaswan stepped in to help.

Varicose Veins outlined

Varicose Vein Treatment

Varicose veins are not just unsightly, they can also be painful. SLUCare vascular surgeon Dr. Matthew Smeds offers an in-office procedure that can help.

Karen Gregory performs a CoolSculpting procedure

CoolSculpting Targets Stubborn Fat

Lose hard-to-fight fat from your middle, chin, arms or thighs — without surgery! Choose CoolSculpting though SLUCare Plastic Surgery.

Med-Spa Group Photo

Med-Spa Physician-Supervised Solutions

In the SLUCare Med-Spa, facial cosmetic surgeon Dr. Frank Simo oversees laser and non-laser treatments for skin rejuvenation. Clinical aesthetician Paige Campbell explains. 

Dr. Plikaitis with Patient

Shape Shifting: Breast Enhancement Surgery

Breast surgery has a very personal meaning for many women. SLUCare plastic surgeon Dr. Christina Plikaitis helps women achieve the shape they want to feel natural, healthy and confident.

Outline of Woman's hips

 Freeze Away Stubborn Fat

SLUCare plastic surgeon Dr. Sumesh Kaswan explains how CoolSculpting fights fat that's resistant to diet and exercise and what you can expect during and after treatment.