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SLUCare Cosmetic Services

Head-to-Toe Treatments to Help You Look and Feel Your Best

When you think of SLUCare physicians, you may think of highly trained specialists who treat complex conditions to help patients feel well. Does it surprise you to learn that many SLUCare physicians also specialize in helping you to feel good?

Feel good about the face you present to the world.
Feel good about your curves.
Feel good about legs that look and feel healthy.

SLUCare cosmetic specialists include dermatologists, facial cosmetic surgeons, plastic surgeons, body contouring experts, and vascular surgeons – all dedicated to delivering cosmetic procedures with the exceptional skill for which SLUCare physicians are known.

Physician-Led Care to Enhance Your Appearance

Simo with Plastic Surgery Patient

From facelifts and nose jobs to eyelid and ear surgeries, our surgeons can help you achieve the look you desire.

Applying botox by Dr.  Glaser

Give skin a rejuvenating boost with a facial, peel, filler or laser treatment.

Kaswan Body Contouring

Remake your shape where you want it most – your middle, arms or backside – with surgical or non-surgical options.

Plikaitis Breast Surgery

Whether for comfort or appearance, breast surgery – an augmentation, lift or reduction – can help you feel confident in your curves.

varisose vein screen

Ease pain and improve legs’ appearance with in-office treatments for spider and varicose veins.

Facial Plastic Surgery Patient

Hear from physicians and patients about the impact of SLUCare Cosmetic Services.

skin photo stock

Learn how to care for your skin following Mohs surgery treatment for skin cancer.

SLUCare Med-Spa Products

While visiting our West County location, be sure to browse our selection of med-spa products for home use. See the brands we carry.